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At Greenearth Window Services/GWS Dryer Vent Cleaning San Diego, we offer a wide variety of services, one of which is dryer vent cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning in San Diego? We service the whole county, cleaning your dryer ducts is a necessary service for those who are concerned with how long it takes to dry their clothing and also to avoid a potential fire hazard.

If you have a few people around the house, if you are active, or simply wash a lot of clothes and bedding, we suggest you get your vents cleaned twice per year for maximum efficiency.  Dryer duct cleaning is a service that helps your dryer run more efficiently as well as safely.

As mentioned above, clothing, towels and bedding can take up to 60% longer to dry if your dryer vents are clogged, which leads to higher electric bills and a fire hazard due to heat build up in vents impacted with dry lint. Clean dryer vents reduce how hard your dryer needs to work and how long your clothes take to dry.

The life of your dryer is increased and less electricity is used when your vents are clean which of course makes it a sensible service for those who care about the environment as well as the extra costs associated with the dryer taking twice as long as normal. We perform dryer vent cleaning in all of San Diego County and assure the best service in town.

We use the best and most effective equipment to assure your vents are as clean as they can be when the job is finished, we commonly clean vents 20' and longer, with our specialized Kung Fu style tool. Our vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters to maintain the standard of air quality within your home. Contact us for a quote to clean your homes' dryer vents. Prices start at $99.99 for a basic dryer vent cleaning and most vents can be cleaned for under $120.00. Group discounts and multiple dryer vent cleaning discounts apply. We clean the vents from the dryer to the wall as well as cleaning up any lent behind dryer and leaving area cleaner than when we started.

Deluxe cleaning packages which include a deep cleaning of the walls and floor behind the washer and dryer are offered as well and prices can be quoted on site. The usual deluxe cleaning with dryer vent care is 130.00.We also offer vent hose replacement for those with older hoses or those made of unsafe material such as cloth. So yes San Diego, Dryer vent cleaning is necessary for efficiency and to prevent a potential fire hazard. Call the Experts at Greenearth Window Services, Dryer vent cleaning San Diego division.  619-808-4663


Our basic San Diego dryer vent cleaning includes:

  • Brush and vacuum cleaning of vent from wall to exhaust.
  • Brush and vacuum cleaning of dryer vent.
  • Cleaning of vent hose.
  • Cleaning of dryer lint trap.
  • Sweep and vacuum of area behind dryer, mop up and deep clean for a minimal addition.
  • Replacement of vent hoses optional for additional $25.00
  • Replacement of exterior exhaust cover, pricing varies.

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